Speed Reading, Comprehension & Retention

Speed Reading consists of skills that can be learned, mastered, and applied by anyone willing to take the time and make the effort to do so. Certified Learning Centers has developed a specialized course to help you read faster, with increased comprehension and greater long-term retention.  Course costs include all materials and a $80.00 copy of AceReader Pro Speed Reading Software - the leader in the industry.

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    Do you need help with your classwork, or do you want to polish your skills? Well, here’s a great way to accomplish both! 


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    CLC was awarded "Best of Business in Educational Services"  by the Small Business Commerce Association for 2010!

    2010 Best of Business Award

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    LAYAWAY is NOT just for Christmas – it’s a great way to help pay for your child’s education, educational enrichment, and tutoring help.

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